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Athletes & Conditioning

"Successful training is the management of fatigue"

The recovery process between bouts of training, where your body modifies its tissues and consolidates skills, requires a particular set of environmental factors, allowing it to adapt properly and come back stronger, leaner and more able to perform.

There is plenty of generic information now available on the web but in order to get the most of of your training, compete optimally or even help you avoid illness and injury you need tailored advice. The advice I offer in my clinic is tailored not only to the sport but the individual; their health level, lifestyle, training phase and experience level.

I have advised sports people of many different types from shot put throwers and olympic lifters to ultra endurance athletes crossing whole continents, team sports players to martial artists. This level of experience paired with my educational background ensures the quality and usefulness of the information provided.

  • Diet and nutrition for recovery
  • Avoiding illness and risk of injury
  • Changing nutrition plans in response to different training and competition phases
  • Integrating your sports nutrition into your life
  • Independent, evidence based advice on sports supplements

If improving your performance, avoiding illness or injury or getting the most out of your training is your goal then contact the clinic today.


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